I've bought too much Lego...

JUNE 28TH, 2012

Worn out VIP Card

I think I've used my Lego VIP card a little too much. The paint has started to wear off. Yikes!

Lego Construction Site Under Construction

JUNE 23RD, 2012

Construction Site Bley and Tan

The Oak Park Mall Store PaB had an abundance of nice bley (dark-bluish gray) and tan pieces this month. Including 6x16 plates, , 2x2 corner bricks, and 1x2 modified brick logs. The pieces inspired me to put together a construction site. Here's my progress so far. A crane, a fence and many other details will follow. Check on more pictures in the Gallery.

Father's Day - Lego for Everybody!

Best Father's Day

JUNE 20TH, 2012

On Sunday we took my son to the Lego Store. After much deliberation he chose the Naboo Starfighter and Planet set . I chose the Lord of the Rings Urak-Hai Army and the Apple Tree House . As an extra bonus we took home the MINI Sopwith Camel

Finally, We have a Lego Store!

JUNE 18TH, 2012

A Busy StoreI grew up within walking distance of Oak Park Mall . Some of my fondest memories are walking to the mall with my friends after school. Several times a week we gathered to dine on Taco Via and waste endless quarters at the Fun Factory video arcade.

When we weren’t wasting our time at the mall we were at home playing with Lego. I can’t count how many different towns and space bases we built together.

Often times these two experiences combined. I can recall shelling out my hard-earned dollar bills and quarters at the Kay-Bee toy store or Montgomery Ward. In return I received sets like the Blacksmith Shop or the Motorcycle Shop.

The walk home from the mall couldn’t go fast enough. Once home, we’d tear open and discard the packaging (which is the only painful aspect of these recollections) and get to building.

The Pick a Brick Wall!Fast-forward twenty-eight years to 2012. When I found out that Lego was opening a new store in Oak Park Mall I was elated. It seemed that I had been waiting my entire life for this.

The Grand Opening of the store was slated for June 1 - 3, 2012. However, the store had a soft opening in early May. So, I was able to get my first true Lego Store experience a week before that Grand Opening. This worked out well because I was traveling the weekend of the Grand Opening and would not return until late Sunday afternoon.

PaB HaulI snuck out of work a little early on Friday afternoon and drove directly to the mall. Despite the soft opening the store was pretty busy. I spent ten minutes perusing the shelves. And although there were no sets that were a surprise to me, to see sets like the Space Shuttle, Mini Modulars or the Robie House in person was exhilarating. I was also excited to see the new mining sets.

My focus for the day was the Pick a Brick wall. It took me about twenty minutes, but I packed the cup full, taking home a lot of greenery for my town layout and a lot of unique colored bricks for future custom modulars I plan on putting together.

When I returned to town on Sunday, June 3rd I immediately made my way to the store and was able to pick up the custom set of Minifigures. They were out of T-shirts and the Retail Store Model, but I was happy to get my hands on one piece of memorabilia.

Welcome to Overland Park, Lego!

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