MAY 22ND, 2013

Ride the rails on my LEGO layout. I built a mount for my Flip Mino Video Camera mounted it to the front of the Maresk Train and ran the train around the layout a few times. Take a look!


APRIL 24TH, 2013

Greetings from Brick Canyon

When the Star Wars line brought me out of my "dark ages" in 1999 I wanted to snap up every LEGO set I could find. At that time (May 1999) there weren't many Star Wars sets available yet, so once I had all of them I turned my attention to other themes. The Wild West theme was beginning to wind down and I was able to get fabulous deals on Chiefs Tepee ,Bandit's Secret Hideout , Fort Legorado and all the others. They were great sets and the packaging was fantastic, but I packed them away and forgot about them as the Star Wars sets continued to roll out.

Fourteen years later a number of those Wild West sets remain unopened, sitting MISB in my collection. I now face the dilemma of whether or not to open those sets or leave them sealed to gain value. And why has that quandary come about, you ask. Well, finally, I have built Brick Canyon!

When I began building my new LEGO workspace and display area, I wasn't sure how exactly my new city would lay out. However, once I had the tables up and started placing my still intact structures, I knew I had the perfect space for my Wild West sets.

To get an idea of scale, I began building my first mesa.

The Mesa

The core of the mesa is solid - built from pieces in my 50 pound tub of mixed bricks. The core itself weighs two pounds. Later I added a facade of tan and dark tan - not to mention a couple of desperadoes.

With an idea of scale in mind I built risers through which I could run the track for my train. In addition, I needed to be able to build the "walls" of the canyon against them. Once they were up I added a layer of tan paint to match LEGO's standard tan color.

The desert

Next on my building agenda was the taller "wall" of my canyon. Instead of a solid core like my mesa, my plan was to build all of the walls on the piers. I Still used a layer of multi-colored brick (mostly white and yellow) as a base and then added layers of tan, dark tan, orange and reddish brown. It turned out very well, but as you can see I still have more walls to build.

A Good Start


MARCH 25TH, 2013

Welcome Horizon Express

Finished Space

This weekend before the snow hit I was able to pull the last load of LEGO from the storage space. Finally, all the displays and shelves are built. The majority of my collection has now found new space to occupy (although this weekend my brother and I we're talking about the Alpha-1 Rocket Base and I could not find it's location).

As a celebratory gift for completing the new setup my wife gave me the Horizon Express it has now joined my fleet of other trains. All I need now is a city.
Let the building begin!

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